October 17, 2018

C is for Cranberry...

We've just received something new and delicious from our favorite, Stonewall Kitchen. Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly has arrived just in time for the turkey season!  They've turned up the heat on classic cranberry jelly by adding spicy jalapeños and a dash of cayenne for a spread that’s sweet, tart and fiery. Perfect for pairing with crackers and cheese or a juicy turkey burger, it’s the hot new condiment you’ll soon be slathering on everything.  
Scrumptious on a ham sandwich, surprising on hot, buttered, cornbread and totally yummy in the recipe below.  

Hot Pepper Cranberry Spirals

Makes 24 Spirals
2 sheets (1 box) puff pastry, thawed according to package directions
4 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 cup Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly
2 Tablespoons fresh thyme, additional for garnish if desired
1 egg, whisked with a dash of water

Preheat oven to 400°F and prepare 2 baking sheets by covering them with parchment paper.
Carefully unfold the puff pastry sheets onto a flat surface to ensure there are no tears. Gently spread 2 ounces of cream cheese evenly onto each sheet, leaving the top inch uncovered. Spread the Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly over the cream cheese and sprinkle each sheet with one tablespoon of thyme.
Brush the top inch that was left uncovered with the egg. Beginning at the bottom, roll the puff pastry sheets tightly until you have completed the roll.
Place in the refrigerator to allow it to firm up for about 30 minutes for ease with cutting. Remove and slice into 1/2” slices.
Place each slice down on the prepared baking sheets and bake for 24-28 minutes, or until the slices have puffed and browned slightly. Garnish with additional thyme and serve warm.

Click here to shop for Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly 

I think this is a perfect game-day snack, or tasty appetizer at your next dinner party.  Pretty, easy, tasty and just a little bit zippy!  Enjoy....

September 29, 2018

New from NEST

INTRODUCING SPARKLING CASSIS!!!  The latest fragrance from Nest has arrived--and I think you're going to love it! The sparkling essence of pink champagne is infused with hints of crème de cassis, frosted cranberry, and wild fig.  Watch the short video below from Laura Slatkin, founder of Nest, for her thoughts on creating this rich new fragrance.

Not only is this a wonderful scent, but the packaging is also divine.  The candle container is very detailed, and enhances the glow of the candle enormously... This will definitely be the perfect gift for fall and certainly will play a role in Thanksgiving as well.  Absolutely the perfect hostess gift!  

Undoubtedly fall is in the air, the nights are certainly cooler and it's definitely getting dark so much earlier.  We need an extra blanket on the bed, and hot tea suddenly sounds good again.  "And all at once summer collapsed into fall" ~Oscar Wilde

I hope yours is a glorious one......


June 10, 2018

Janet Hill--A Favorite Thing...

People often ask me what my favorite things are at Clever Girl, and Janet Hill's marvelous art work is always at the top of my list.  We have custom framed prints, greeting cards, and her delightful book, Miss Moon: Wise words from a Dog Governess from this talented Canadian artist, and I LOVE THEM ALL!

Her women are strong, elegant and of a slightly different era, all whilst remaining very fresh and vibrant.  They're the kind of girls you know you'd have an adventure with...and drink champagne while doing so. You know we like our animals around here, and Janet absolutely captures them too, whether it's a pink poodle, exotic chicken or a sweet kitty.  

We have a revolving selection of these lovely 8 X 10 prints in gold gilded frames, in addition to a selection of greeting cards. For the children (or dog-lovers) in your life, the delightful book, Miss Moon: Wise Words from A Dog Governess, is utterly charming.  
Miss Moon imparts twenty important lessons to her furry brood. Some are practical, some are playful, one or two are a little unusual, but all are necessary for the raising of happy, healthy and well-mannered dogs (and humans).

 And, coming in early 2019, Miss Mink: Life Lessons for a Cat Countess.   Miss Marcella Mink and sixty-seven of her favorite feline friends live happily in her big house by the sea. Collected here are Miss Mink's twenty cat-approved lessons, from the benefits of a good grooming and an afternoon nap to valuable advice on friendship and diet.

Be sure and look for these delightful items in the stationary department the next time you're in.  I think you'll agree they are all just darling!

June 1, 2018

"Fruits" of Summer

Spring has turned into summer, and the berries are here!  Hurrah!  
Make a note:  The Western Springs Farmer's Market has started...every Sunday from 9-1.  We have a few juicy fruits ourselves...
I have no idea how one would set out to bake this adorable strawberry roll cake (if you know, please tell me) but we do have the super cute berry lunch tote and the straws, which are incredibly sweet...

Stonewall Kitchen never disappoints with their signature, world famous, Wild Maine Blueberry Jam.  We sell a frightening number of cases of this blue magic in a jar.  Weekend brunch calls out for the sweet tang of this fruity jam.  Delicious on good old vanilla ice cream, I might add...

As you turn thought to vacation, BBQ's and trips to the lake house, remember that we have lots of lovely, thoughtful gifts that will be remembered long after the party is over.  We're so happy to wrap everything for you and get you off to the party even faster!!!!
Here's to a smashing summer!!!

May 25, 2018

The Weekend Called....

Memorial Day has popped up out of nowhere on the calendar, and it's officially OK to break out the white jeans, strappy sandals and the sunscreen.  Let's face it--it's probably time for a fresh summer tote, too.  We've got just the ticket!  French Blue and white stripes give our jumbo carryall a chic and breezy style that will look great wherever your summer travels take you.  

We will be closed on Monday in observance of Memorial Day.  Thank you to all those who have served, and our active duty military personnel.  We are proud of you and our country!  

May 19, 2018

A Royal Good Time was had by all...

What a weekend! Did you get up early and watch?  In case you didn't here's the recap in 10 pictures...It was as perfect as could be.  I especially thought the special references to Princess Diana were a loving and fitting tribute on such a special day.  

Diana's sister Lady Jane Fellowes delivered the only reading of the ceremony about the eternal power of love, and the hymn 'Guide Me, O Thy Great Redeemer' which featured in the wedding was also played at the much loved Princess' funeral. Diana's favorite flowers, white peonies and white garden roses, also adorned an elaborate archway over the organ loft and entryway as guests entered. Harry also used two diamonds from his mother's personal collection in the engagement ring he had custom made for the proposal.  How thoughtful and respectful of Meghan to include Harry's mother in her special day.

A few fancy friends showed up right on time....

Meghan and her Mother arrive at the church....

Out of the car, and ready for the grand entrance...

The flower girl and Co. did a marvelous job...

One and a half billion people watched the vows being exchanged--GULP!!!

The happy couple departed by carriage to their wedding luncheon...

Where cake was served....

A quick change, and it was off to the next party...

The happy couple sped off on a classic Jaguar...

A side note: If you look closely, the Queen was seen being driven in her Range Rover the day before the wedding with Meghan's Beagle, Guy, in the back seat with her......

A happy, happy time was had by all.  Watch BBC America all weekend if you, like me, can't get enough!

Cheers Clever Girls.....

April 1, 2018

Easter Blessings...

 Lives again our glorious King, 
Where, O death, is now thy sting? 
Once he died our souls to save, 
Where's thy victory, boasting grave? 

...From a hymn we always sing on Easter Sunday.  Wishing you all the blessings of this wonderful day.

March 31, 2018

MacKenzie-Childs Comes to Clever Girl

We're pretty excited around here to debut the beauty line from MacKenzie-Childs.  The first of three fragrances has been delivered, and it is LOVELY!!!  The line is actually a collaboration between MacKenzie-Childs (the pretty packaging part) and Beekman 1802 (the actual products)  For those unfamiliar with the Beekman story, here's the background from their website:

We founded Beekman 1802 Mercantile in 2008. But actually, we consider ourselves to be a 211-year-old company. When we stumbled across the Beekman 1802 Farm in upstate New York, we had no plans to create a business around it. But like Judge William Beekman, who originally built the farm over 200 years ago, we were inspired by the land and the community to build something lasting. In fact, Beekman himself opened the area's first Mercantile, right across the street from where the farm still stands. After taking in a neighboring farmer and his herd of beloved dairy goats, we began producing soaps and cheese (with LOTS of help from our neighbors!)

 A television network launched a reality show about our effort – The Fabulous Beekman Boys – which spread the Beekman message of hard work, living seasonally, and neighborly sharing around the globe. In 2012, we competed in a 45,000 mile race around the world, through 12 cities, in 9 different countries and ended up winning in CBS’s The Amazing Race. And now, here we are. Beekman 1802 has proven that a farm can be much bigger than its fences.

Like William Beekman, we collaborate with local farmers, craftspeople & artisans to produce most of what you find both online and in our physical Mercantile on Main Street in Sharon Springs, NY. We pay fair prices for quality goods. We work with our neighbors to help them grow their businesses. We produce our goods seasonally, because, well, that's how our goats, chickens, pigs, garden & trees do it. We personally eat, use, wear, and wash with the goods that we sell. And we'll do anything to make sure that as our neighbor, you love everything you purchase.

We like to think that the values that made William Beekman's original Mercantile a success are still valid today. Because even though Beekman 1802 is now "the fastest growing lifestyle brand in America," we believe that we'll never ever go wrong as long as we treat every single person like they were our next door neighbor.
So not only is everything pretty, it's actually all made in the USA, natural, and farm fresh.  So far I've used the lip balm, hand lotion, and big bar of soap.  I'm happy to report all are wonderful and very mild.  My skin gets red and irritated at the drop of a hat--but no problem here....The soap dish is, of course, the famous MacKenzie-Childs "Courtly Check" that we all know and love, and the packaging on everything else is equally attractive.  There will be two more scents rolling out over the next several months with different patterns and fragrances.  

You can visit the items on our website (click HERE) or stop in and sample in person.  What an amazing gift to present to your hostess at a dinner party, or treat your own kitchen to a very pretty spring boost.  
Bravo!  We LOVE IT!!!!!!!

March 24, 2018

W is for Wedding...

Oh, dear, it would appear that my invitation has gotten lost in the post.  The latest royal wedding is Saturday, May 19th at the Saint George Chapel, with a reception to follow at Windsor Castle. (Dress: Uniform, Morning Coat or Day Dress with Hat.)

For those of us facing wedding season on this side of the pond, please rest assured that Clever Girl has a full complement of cards for all things wedding.  From the engagement, to the showers to the wedding itself and on to the anniversaries.  

When that lovely invitation finds it's way into your mail slot, rest assured that we can definitely assist with the cards, if not the Morning coat or super fancy hats...

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