April 25, 2010

Don't Forget...

O.K. Clever Girls, a gentle reminder-- Mother's Day is fast approaching. We've got fresh shipments in on everything from clothing and jewelry to cookbooks and great new tabletop items.  We ship via UPS daily, so you really have no excuse.  

After all, our Mothers taught us how to be Clever Girls--attention must be paid.

April 21, 2010

Vie is for Vittles

I have to share with you my latest and greatest adventure--I was lucky enough to participate in a cooking session with none other than Paul Virant of Vie!   The class was all about pasta, but we learned so much more.  
Wild Spring Ramps are in season, and we had the opportunity to use this fragrant, tasty, green from the garlic family.  Chef Virant combined it with a few other ingredients and just like magic whipped it up into a delicious filling for homemade Ravioli.  We each made our own pasta dough from scratch {not as easy as I thought!} and layered up a delicious lasagna as well.  
The Vie kitchen is an amazing and efficent thing to behold--you really could eat off the floor!  Topics of discussion ran from local mushroom hunting, {I'm not telling where} to wild Boar hunting with crazy Texans, to favorite foods.  The class concluded with a hearty lunch, comprised of what we had all just made together, several delicious wine pairings, and a sample of the Chefs new house beer.  This was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it to you all.  A meal at Vie is indeed a treat, and we are so fortunate to have a restaurant of this caliber right here in Western Springs. To be able to peek behind the curtain into the kitchen is a true privilege.  Clever Girls love to cook, right?  So treat yourselves to a class there, or drop some heavy hints for Mother's Day.  Vie is at 4471 Lawn Avenue in Western Springs, Illinois
Fresh Pasta Dough

Wild Spring Ramps


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