August 30, 2010

Ring out the News...

Here's another something I just know you're going to thank us for.  All of the magazines are touting big, beautiful rings for fall, but the price tags that go along with them could break a girl's heart.  Vogue shows several stunners for fall --however, starting at $7200.00 seems just a bit dear.  Clever Girl to the rescue... The ring is the thing this season, and these are big and bold in looks, but won't break the bank.
Some have sparkle, others channel a vintage vibe.  We've got colors, brights, neutrals and some that stop just short of over-the-top.  

Here's the other brilliant thing...these babies are adjustable, so they are comfortable on any size finger.  Plus--you can pick one up for a friend--no ring size needed...

No broken hearts here Clever Girls, we're ready for fall--and at these prices, and in these great styles, there's no reason you can't buy one for every finger!  

August 18, 2010

Busy Brains...

For those who have been living under a rock lately (or hermetically sealed inside all summer) let me update you.  School is about to begin.  Pencils, protractors and new gym shoes are being snapped up everywhere out there.  Bus routes are being reviewed, and lunchroom buddies are being sought.  

I was a crayon girl, myself.  Mom would take me for supplies every year, and make a half-hearted case for re-using last years crayons.  I lobbied hard against this idea, and got a new box every September.  The joy of all those colors!!!  Cracking open that box and inhaling the distinctive fragrance of 64 Crayola Crayons was, to me, like a sommelier pulling the cork on a fine bottle of wine. {Surprisingly, now, I'm just as excited by the wine...} 

There is something about this time of year that inspires scholarly  pursuits--at least a little bit. To that end, perhaps you'll want to challenge yourself ever-so-slightly with our newest little books.  There are over half a dozen titles in our Pocket Posh series, and one is sure to entice you.  Crosswords, Sudoku, Brain Teasers, etc. etc. They have a bit of bite--you will have to think some of them through--but isn't that what makes solving puzzles so rewarding?  Best of all, you can write your answers in crayon if you want........just pick a color........

August 13, 2010

Cool it!

Allow me to offer brief praise to the man above.  This has been a Mid-West summer like few others.  Heat, humidity, torrential  downpours, and bugs like you can't believe have plagued us all season.  The wall of hot air that snaps out at us every time we set foot outside is like a blast furnace working on overdrive.  Thus, my unwavering love is declared for one Mr. Willis Haviland Carrier--inventor of Air Conditioning.  Bless you Mr. Carrier.  Bless you and that wonderful whirring machine you created that dares to battle the hot, licking flames of scorching summer heat.
On my travels back and forth to the east coast, I stop off in Syracuse, NY at none other than "Carrier Circle"  the headquarters for the company he founded (it's exit 35, in case you want to visit).  I shall offer prayers of thanks forever more as I zip past it on my way to a lovely, air conditioned room. Keep cool, Clever Girls...

August 6, 2010

Something So Charming

Often I'm asked, "What's your favorite thing in the store?"  And while that answer is subject to change frequently (daily, sometimes) the answer for awhile now has been the Clever Girl Charm Bar.  It's endlessly interesting to see what people are picking and choosing and putting together.  Basically all you have to do is chose a base chain--from simple to really fancy, and then find the charms that speak to you.  
The subjects and illustrations available promise something for everyone: travel, shopping, motherhood, friendship, sisters, pets, baby and children just to name a few.  Some are sweet and sentimental, while others have a delicious sense of snark.  We also have numerous charms with initials, so you can really make it personal, and our new sparkle chains allow for a dressier look as well.  Our customers love hanging out at "The Bar" and putting it all together.

The other great thing is that we get new designs all the time--just when you think you've seen it all, another fresh batch arrives!  So whether you want a single initial for yourself, or cluster up several for a gift, this is one bar that's always open...

August 3, 2010

One of Those Days...

Don't sweat it, Clever Girls.  We've got the air ON, and lots of great finds to fill you in for the last dog days of summer.  Summer Sale items are 50% off, and Fall preview items have arrived.  (The new Hanna pants are flying out the door already...)  Stop in to cool off and peek at all the new goodies.  

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