September 17, 2012


As the days become shorter, and the nights begin to have a bit of a "nip" to them, I look for the return of The Creature in the back yard.  He is dressed all in black, with a single, stylish, stripe running down his back, and remains, at all times, illusive.  He caries no formal calling card, preferring to announce himself via olfactory means.  Officially he bears the name Mephitis Mephitidae: or as we call him, Skunk.

For four years running, every fall, he has returned to the back yard and called it home.  Very aware of his presence, the torture of our dogs is exquisite, as they "patrol" 24/7 hoping for a close encounter with this bold interloper.  (Little do they know just how much they would regret an actual meeting...)  So, while the skunk has become an autumnal regular for me, I hardly realized they were becoming fashion statements.  Behold the J.Crew spring pants for 2013...  Who knew? We were just ahead of the trend.

P.S. Totally unrelated, yet important:
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