June 22, 2015

"L" is for Letter...

Greetings, Clever Girls...I wanted to share this little collection of initial trays with you: I think they are so sweet.  We've already sold through a whole big bunch of these.  Aren't they terrific?
There's just something intrinsically appealing about lettering, or fonts. These, in particular, are taken from old Parisian embroidery patterns.  They're ideal for office trinkets, jewelry, soap, or even for use as a paperweight.  

Here's my initial--"K" as in Katie.  I have it on my desk at home, and it's perfect for paperclips--I even bought black clips just because they look quite stylish in this dish (and they were on sale at Target)

Speaking of lettering and fonts, if you're looking for some indoor entertainment during all of the rain we seem to be having, try the film, The Grand Budapest Hotel for something rather quirky.  The detailed fonts and graphics throughout the movie are wonderful, done by the talented Annie Atkain {click HERE to see some of her work}  And click HERE to see these great dishes on our web site.  Each one comes in a really cute box, too...

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