October 4, 2017

Gone to the Dogs....

It's certainly no secret around here that we love dogs.  (Cats, too, but that's a matter for another day.). So you can imaging how thrilled I was to open a huge box of books fresh from the publisher with this beauty right on top. At Home with Dogs and their Designers has arrived, and you're going to LOVE it!!!!

What could be better than a peek into some of the top decorator and designers shown in the homes they share with their dogs?  Homes and rooms can be beautiful and still shared with loyal and loving best friends.  This is definitely going to be one of my go-to gifts for my like minded friends this holiday season.  Each chapter is an in-depth interview with a designer and explores what their dog(s) mean to them, where they came from, and how they fit into the household. 
Some have fine pedigrees, while others are  rescues that have a forever home that happens to be exceptionally stylish.  I love getting to see inside these wonderful spaces, and hearing the backstory on each pet.  The names are great, too! Here are Mary McDonald's pugs: Jack, Eva, Lulu, Violet and Boris. 

I'm including a shot of my own sweet Gracie-May. (That's her draped on the sofa!)She knows nothing of decorating, but LOVES the fine feeling of Ralph Lauren velvet and a fur throw when she feels it!!!

As it says in the foreword, “It is possible to be devoted not only to design at the highest levels but also to the four-legged creatures who share our beautiful home – and, if truth be told, who rule the roost.”  I certainly agree...

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