October 23, 2015

So, THIS Happened...

Lord Stanley Stops by Clever Girl

One of the more unique traditions of the Stanley Cup is winning teams and eventually every player on the winning team gets to spend a day with the Cup. There are many interesting stories associated with this privilege. In 1906 it was forgotten at a photography studio where it ended up a geranium planter before being retrieved by hockey officials. It has been a movie popcorn bucket, champagne glass, and water bowl for both dogs and horses, the latter being the 1994 Kentucky Derby winner.

We were so privileged and thrilled to have the Stanley Cup at Clever Girl!!!  What an absolutely amazing day it was...  Kathy and Sally (pictured above) are incredible hockey fans, and have son's and husband's whom are equally devoted to the sport. 
Thank you to the Koehler family for letting all of us at Clever Girl and the whole town of Western Springs be a part of the Chicago Blackhawks victory and capturing the cup!!!

FYI:  The Cup is always accompanied by at least one representative of the Hockey Hall of Fame, dubbed the “Keeper of the Cup.” The current Keeper, Philip Pritchard, has held the position since 1991 and even maintains a Twitter account to update followers on where the Cup goes from day to day.

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