February 11, 2013

NYC goes to the Dogs!

A quick reminder clever girls: Tonight is the final judging for Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club.  Westminster is the ultimate beauty pageant for those with four legs--the Super Bowl of the canine world--and I've never yet picked the winner.  Have you?  

This year the competition  has gone high tech with tons of information and videos of the preliminary judging, so perhaps it will be easier to spot the winner in advance, or at least view your favorite breed being judged.  {Click here for the site.} 

There are two new breeds this year, the Tree Walking Coon Hound and the Russell Terrier. Quite cute!
Interestingly, the most popular dog in America, the Labrador Retriever, has never won.  How can this be?!?
The Wall Street Journal even wrote it up this week. Read this, I may have to cheer for them just because they are the "Underdogs" (yes, roll your eyes and groan).  

Whatever the outcome, it's certainly fun to watch.  I'm hugely entertained by the handlers and all of the last minute grooming they frantically do until the very last moment.  (Also, some handlers might do well to invest in some better foundation garments, right? I'm just saying...)  
Remember, your dogs are always welcome here at Clever Girl, and there are treats at the counter.  We love seeing all of your BFFs, purebred or not.

Speaking of treats, we'll be sampling our amazing new toffee for you this Thursday, so be sure to stop in and try it...As it happens, that's Valentine's Day, and we have all sorts of things for everybody on your love list.  

I'll leave you with this...

February 6, 2013

A Top Chef at Clever Girl

You didn't forget, did you?  It's Tasty Thursday at Clever Girl.  We can't wait to share a sweet little something we found in New York with you. Carla Hall, that hilarious, talented gal from Bravo's Top Chef,  has launched her very own line of little amazing treats. 

"At Alchemy by Carla Hall our COOKIECOLLECTIONS are petite bites of love made for sharing.  We start with a basic idea and opt for sweet or savory. Next, we hand-shape, roll, or dunk each cookie to completion. Voila! 

Our artisan cookies are baked to perfection and contain only the finest ingredients – European-style butter, organic sugar, flours, couverture chocolate, artisan cheeses, fresh nuts, seasonal fruits… and they wouldn't be made by Carla Hall without lots of love!"

Please stop in today (Tasty Thursday, remember?) and sample her Mexican Chocolate Chip mini cookies...They are perfect as a grown-up treat, hostess gift, or a sweet snack for your Valentine.  It was really fun to meet and hang out a little bit with Carla, and her terrific crew in New York. You're going to like what a little love can do...

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