October 6, 2019

Best of the Best.....to Watch

Greetings fellow Clever Girls.  I want to share this wonderful site, Willow and Thatch,  with all of you, as I'm so excited to have discovered it....  

As you probably know, Downtown Abbey, the movie is now playing.  For those of us that were entranced with the series on television, this is indeed a treat to once again see the Crawley family in action, and all of the intrigue that surrounds them.  Having seen the new film, I can tell you it doesn't disappoint.  The costumes, characters, beautiful musical score and depiction of life in a simpler time are all still there.  Things pick up just as they were, and, at the end, I was left wanting more.  (I think the door is clearly open--wide open--for sequels.)  Hence the thrill of finding the blog, Willow and Thatch!  

For those of us who can not get enough of all things period drama, this is indeed a treasure trove of a website.  As they describe the site, "Willow and Thatch loves period dramas from the Georgian/Regency, Victorian and Edwardian eras, and beyond. We write reviews about the best historical and costume dramas, share news about what's coming to your favorite streaming services, and through our articles and The Willow and Thatch Period Films List, offer recommendations of what to watch."

Even thought I have 100's of channels,and Netflix, and YouTube and on and on, often I don't find anything of quality to watch.  But now, happily, I have a HUGE list of previously unknown gems to view.  AND just look at the line up of things to come!

There is a new version of Emma on the way....

An excellent sounding new mystery, Vienna Blood....

Christmas 2019 will be bringing Meryl Streep in a new version of  Little Women.

The Singapore Grip is both a love story and a war story--an epic new period series set during World War Two.

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair That Changed America is also coming soon. Set in Chicago, the Gilded Age drama centers on the true story of two men, who meet at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair – Daniel H. Burnham, the fair’s architect, and Dr. H.H. Holmes, an evil pharmacist, who is Americas first documented serial killer.

And,  then, there is Sandition to look forward to in the bleak of our coming January winter.  Jane Austen's last work is a witty and delightful novel set in a seaside town.   

I discovered all of this via Willow and Thatch.  Do look over their site--It's full of the promising distractions that we all love to see...

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