September 29, 2018

New from NEST

INTRODUCING SPARKLING CASSIS!!!  The latest fragrance from Nest has arrived--and I think you're going to love it! The sparkling essence of pink champagne is infused with hints of crème de cassis, frosted cranberry, and wild fig.  Watch the short video below from Laura Slatkin, founder of Nest, for her thoughts on creating this rich new fragrance.

Not only is this a wonderful scent, but the packaging is also divine.  The candle container is very detailed, and enhances the glow of the candle enormously... This will definitely be the perfect gift for fall and certainly will play a role in Thanksgiving as well.  Absolutely the perfect hostess gift!  

Undoubtedly fall is in the air, the nights are certainly cooler and it's definitely getting dark so much earlier.  We need an extra blanket on the bed, and hot tea suddenly sounds good again. 

 "And all at once summer collapsed into fall" ~Oscar Wilde

I hope yours is a glorious one......


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