September 28, 2011

Clever Q & A

Just what makes a"Clever Girl"?  Turns out, it takes a lot!  Kathy P. is a wife, mother to three kids, two dogs and one cat.  Here are 16 other things you never knew...
Clever Q & A
Q. What's your favorite city?
A. Sarasota, FL 

Q. Coffee or Tea?
A. Coffee.  Heavy cream and sugar.  
Fuel to rule the world (or at least my corner of it...)

Q. Celebrity Crush?
A. Daniel Craig.  Adore him.

Q. What song do you crank up the volume for?
A. Crazy for You, by Madonna.  Don't ask me why.

Q. Favorite cook book?
A. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook--can't beat it.

Q. What is your most prized possession?
A. Well, they aren't really a possession, but my children would have to be it.

Q. What's the best way to spend $3.oo?
A.  Tall Starbucks Vanilla Latte.

Q. What is your favorite flower?
A. Irises: They really are so beautiful.

Q. If you could have a super hero "power", what would it be?
A.  I'd love to be invisible!  That could be quite handy...

Fill in the Blank....
My signature cocktail is........
Gray Goose & Tonic, with a lot of lime.

My all-time favorite food is.............

I am reading.......
In the Woods,  by Tana French.  Really good.

As a child I wanted to be........
A forensic scientist.

I'm addicted to......

My perfume is......
Anything by Chanel

I'm most embarrassed by.......
Many of the things I say out loud.  Oops! 

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September 12, 2011


A Shameless Pug Plug  

Please be sure to see the article on Clever Girl in the September issue of West Suburban Living.  This magazine is a great resource for all good things in the 'burbs, and filled with interesting places to eat and things to do... like shopping at Clever Girl!  
Sneak a peek, {click here} and happy fall!

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