July 22, 2011

Exclusive: For Subscribers Only!

Pre-Sale starts today,
Friday, July 22, 2011 
Blog subscribers (that's clever girls, like you) are receiving advanced notice of  our Summer Sale.  We won't let the cat out of the bag to everybody else until Tuesday...  Shop early for the best selection of sizes and colors.  
There's still A LOT of time to wear our cute summer clothing...

July 14, 2011

Bonne Fete de la Bastille!

Happy Bastille Day!  To celebrate the revolution, today we become Clever French Girls for 24 hours.  Live as the French do.......  So what, exactly, should one do, you ask?   Suggestions follow...
Start the day leisurely; there's no need to rush.  Have good strong coffee along with a flaky croissant, or perhaps some crepes, non?   Read the papers.  Take your dog with you everywhere--even into restaurants.  Wear something impossibly chic and black.  
Drive le Automobile as if you are insane. Rev your engine, ignore road signs, speed limits and pedestrians.  Employ the horn frequently.  Work up a few hand gestures to have at the ready.  Remember, today you are French!  You own the road. 

Aah, and then there is la vin.  Wine with lunch?  Oui!  More wine during the afternoon?  Oui, oui, s'il vous plait.  Let's add a baguette and some great fromage into the mix as well--quite French to do so.......

If you should  feel the sudden urge for a cigarette: indulge.  Do some shopping in a boutique...Perhaps aquire a new hat....Catch a French Foreign film (Although, if you're French, it isn't foreign, now is it?  Well...so just go see a movie, but make it a drama; no action films.)  
Purchase armloads of fresh flowers.  Listen to some jazz...Head out to dinner around 9:30 at the absolute earliest with only your most interesting and clever friends.  Enjoy steak au poivre, and those cute little pommes frites,  tres delicieux!
Savor a wee bit more le vin, and call it a perfect French day.  Au revoir......Viva La Bastille!  

July 7, 2011

Pick a color...


COLORFUL (adj.): Vibrant, eye-catching, dynamic, unique and vivid.

Are you a COLORFUClever Girl?  (Note: The opposite of colorful is colorless, defined as: dull, lacking in variety and interest, and we know that's not you!)  So, for summer, a bit of spontaneous color awaits your wrist.  Our silicone watches are the most popular item in the store right now; and we just got in a fresh batch.  These are a perfect mid-summer treat at only $24.oo. Really, the only problem is choosing which of the 15 colors is best for you...and we can help with that too; read on....

If you want to do a wee bit of leg work ahead of time, take this color quiz, to see what your best color is.  The match is based on how you think (hue), how much you do about it (saturation) and the effect you think it has (lightness).  Give it a try... {click here} to take the quiz, and see if you agree with the results. If you want a peak at the full color chart, {click here}  Whatever the result,  scoot on in and pick out your watch!

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