November 28, 2010

The Clever Christmas Quiz

As we finish off the last of the turkey leftovers, our thoughts now happily turn toward Christmas.  This season I thought it would be nice to share our Clever Girl Christmas Quiz with you--some of our favorite memories, recipes and traditions...
First up is Donna.
Donna & Santa.  Age 3
Tree: Real or Artificial?  Real!
Lights: Colored or Clear? Clear.  Definitely clear.
Favorite Christmas Song? Anything "Classic Christmas". Standards from the 1950-60's like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Dorris Day are my favorites... Hold the modern remakes please--Sorry, no Miriah Carey.
Favorite Christmas Movie? The Bishop's Wife.  Who wouldn't want Cary Grant as their Guardian Angel?  The scene where he decorates the tree is pure magic.  The whole film is just perfect--It wouldn't be Christmas without it!
The best gift you ever got?  It was the Christmas when I was 6 years old.  I received a momma dog and puppy with a remote control that made them sit, beg and roll over.  I  loved them, and took them absolutely everywhere with me!
Worst Gift?  The only gift I've ever returned was a pair of purple, crushed velvet, bell-bottom hip hugger pants. Exchanged them for pink hot pants.  In retrospect, kind of a no-win situation...
Favorite holiday food?  Smoked Salmon from Seattle.  Delicious!
Can you ice skate? Yes, absolutely!  I took lessons for 10+ years.  Jump, spins I can (could?) do it all!  I lived at the rink when I was growing up...every morning at 6am I was there.
Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate, please.
Favorite Clever Girl Gift to give?  Well, something from the Donna Sauers Jewelry Collection, of course!  But I'm also slightly addicted to our scarves this year, and they make wonderful gifts.
Treats for Santa?  We always left him homemade Peanut Butter Cookies, but no milk, because we figured he was in a hurry...
Anything for your dog Reggie under the tree?  Don't tell him, but he'll be getting gourmet treats.  He's a rescue dog, so every day is like Christmas for him.  Last year he got a Santa hat...

Reggie waiting for Santa

November 23, 2010

Let's Talk Turkey...

Thanksgiving plans have been a hot topic this week here at Clever Girl.  Plans large and small have been made--34 guests for dinner is the biggest gathering I've heard of so far, and several customers have mentioned that they will be dining out this year.
I've only had one Thanksgiving Dinner at a restaurant, many years ago: Ma's Coffee Pot in South Haven, Michigan.  Early that Fall, my parent's contractor had give full assurances that their new cottage was right on schedule.  Everything would be buttoned up, and the kitchen, while not fully finished, would certainly be usable.  HA! Famous last words.  {What he neglected to mention was that Deer Hunting season was also on the schedule ahead of the kitchen} So no kitchen, thus no Thanksgiving dinner, and off to Ma's Coffee Pot we went...
I wondered if they were still even open, so I grabbed the phone book this morning, and sure enough, there they are, listed as "casual dining".  Let's be honest, people.  It's a truck stop.  Casual dining is a rather generous description if you ask me. Actually, it really wasn't that bad, and we've joked about it ever since.  Our one and only Thanksgiving out...

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love................

November 18, 2010

$ Free Money is Quite Clever Indeed $

Well here's some News You Can Use!  American Express (which Clever Girl conveniently accepts) is going to pay you to shop.  Yes, you read that right, they are going to give you $25.00 in statement credit for shopping.  Quite the nice perk, wouldn't you agree?
Small Business Saturday is November 27, 2010--but you need to register ASAP. {click here}  In honor of small stores that give our neighborhoods character and boost our local economies, AmEx is encouraging you to "shop local", and we certainly agree with that!  So sign up and get ready to CHARGE!

November 16, 2010

Congratulations to Vie!

Western Springs has a "STAR"!

Congratulations to Vie!
Congratulations to our own hometown Vie on winning their first Michelin star.  The best meals of my life (with all apologies to Mother) have been enjoyed in this outstanding restaurant.  Vie's consistency, attention to detail and simply amazing, flavorful, beautiful food is superb!  How very lucky Western Springs is to have a talent such as Paul Virant and his  staff in our own back yard.  If you've never been, a truly memorable meal is in your future...  See you there soon!

November 8, 2010

The Elves have Been Here...

Clever Girl's little elves were super busy this weekend putting out all of our Christmas Best.  We're stocked up on all sorts of good goodies to make the season Merry & Bright.  Delicious scented candles to set the mood, adorable ornaments in abundance, lots of fabulous gifts for the hostess as well as presents for all the clever ones on your list.  You have made your list, haven't you?
Scarves, sweaters, jewelry, and books galore are all just waiting to be wrapped up and tucked under the tree.  {We'll be oh-so happy to tie up all your parcels in pink ribbons and add our signature Christmas jingle bell.} For the biggest selection Santa shops early--so don't miss a thing, be sure and stop in soon.  Only 46 days to go!!!  Bring your list...

November 1, 2010

Advance Notice...

All the details to follow...  
Trust us.  It's going to be terrific!

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