May 26, 2009

The Way Life Should Be

Greetings all, have arrived out east. 1200+ miles and not a single speeding ticket! As many of you know, for me, that is most excellent indeed...

Maine is a bit behind the Mid-West as far as spring goes. Tonight we are going to be at 31 degrees--a fact I discovered only after planting up all the pots, garden beds, containers and window boxes. So it's out with the sheets tonight to keep the tender new plants safe until the sun is up to warm them in the morning.

On my way to Moose Crossing (yes, that's the real name) to get the plants, I stopped in to see Lisa Bottero owner of the Nobleboro Antique Exchange. Lisa, and her many dealers are fully stocked for the season, and even her dog Renata was in a good mood and happy to see everyone. This is not always the case.

On the upper level of the exchange, I spent a long time browsing the book room, and found some treasures as always. There's an assortment of odd bookshelves filled with titles like, Gardening by the Sea, Walking the Coast of Maine, Maverick in Mauve (didn't get that one). We already have multiple copies of Jaws--required reading on the shelf of every east-coast cottage--but I love all of the local Maine books they have. There are also bins full of charts and maps, and the slightly musty smell of old books mingles with the fresh scent of the grass waifing in from the field out back. The classical music channel plays softly in the back, and it's just a perfect place to spend an hour perusing the stacks. In addition to several books, I also found a darling vintage dog from Royal Doulton in England. It's a Beagle (shocking, I know) and looks just like my Gracie. (Actually I'm reading lots of good books right now, including the newest from Donna Leone, About Face; I've followed her detective Guido Brunetti for some time now, and always enjoy her writing. Also on the reading list is Best Food Writing 2008 and Dog is my Co-Pilot: Great Writers on the World's Oldest Friendship.)

Anyway, from there we went on up to get the plants. Moose Crossing was bustling as usual, and soon the back of the car was loaded with flowers of every sort. Back at the cottage planting commenced, and I'll post a few pictures of the final product soon.

P.S. I found a wonderful new glass artist that makes amazing rings. We'll have them in by July, and I'll let you know exactly when they arrive. I NEVER stop looking for special new things to bring to Clever Girl!

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