July 13, 2015

Vive la France!

Today, July 14th, is the day we trade our red, white, and blue for bleu, blanc, et rouge! It's Bastille Day--and it's always fun to inject a bit of French flair into the day.

As I take a quick spin through the store, we have lots of wonderful items from France to share with you.  One of my long-time favorites is the La Vie Parisienne jewelry line.  Lately, there has been an big injection of color into this beautiful jewelry that's designed just outside the city of Paris.  Check out these colors!!!
 We have a collection of trays and dishes, many of which have cheeky French phrases on them.  They're perfect for tossing your keys into, or the loose change from a pocket.  I have one that I tend to keep my rings in next to the kitchen sink.  Très Chic.
Finally, we have a delicious selection of French bar soaps, liquid soaps and hand creams.  Imported directly from the source, in the South of France, these products blend modern science with the age-old wisdom and the tradition of the past to refine soft textured and delicately scented products.  Every time I pass the display, the intoxicating scent instantly transports me to the French countryside.  All of this French luxury and fragrance has traveled across the ocean to us, and comes at a very small price.  (Check out some of the items on our website by clicking HERE)  It's a small indulgence that elevates the everyday to something infinitely more special. 
So cheers to the French as they celebrate their big day.  I haven't finalized the menu for tonight. Champagne is a must, along with some baguettes and grilled poussin.  
Oh, and cake will be served...
To everyone, Joyeux Quatorze Juillet!!!

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