January 28, 2019

Wintertime, Fireside...

As you surely know, we are huge fans of the Nest Fragrances line around here.  We have one of these extraordinary candles burning each and every day at Clever Girl, and I light one every evening at home.  

In my opinion, nothing is better on these dreary, damp, January evenings, than the Hearth Candle.  The fragrance is soft, smoky, rich and fills a room with personality.  Think English Gentleman's private club, Downton Abby, leather chairs, hounds, pipe tobacco (just a hint) and a heavy, cut crystal tumbler filled with a deep amber colored  bourbon.  Add some jazz, a good book, and, of course a fire, and there you have it.  This is an aristocratic scent that makes cold and snowy evenings instantly restful.  

Even if you don't have an actual fireplace, Hearth will transport you fireside and make these lingering winter evenings most pleasant...I absolutely recommend you have one on-hand until the first crocus raises its lovely head.

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