April 1, 2020

"P" is for Puzzles!

Who would have guessed that puzzles would become our top selling item in the month of March?  We've been fans of them here at Clever Girl for a long time--but with the world situation such as it is,  puzzles are a bonafide hit.  


It seems we're not alone in our puzzle love.  Here's an interesting clip from CBS Sunday Morning... 

And some excellent advise from the ever-entertaining Conan O'Brian...

We are trying to keep up with demand for our puzzles here at the store.  You can order online, and we have free local delivery.  Click HERE for the link.  Unfortunately, many of our suppliers are running low on inventory, or unable to ship, so at some point we will run out--please don't delay if you're needing some old school entertainment in these days of quarantine.  

Know that we miss all of our wonderful customers, hope that you are safe, and can't wait to see you all again very soon!

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