December 17, 2010

Even MORE Christmas Quiz...

And now, for the fourth installment of the Clever Girl Christmas Quiz...
Michelle shares her Christmas with friends, family, at least two Pug dogs, and, apparently, you'll need some PJ's to get in on Christmas Eve...
Michelle, age 8
Tree: Real or Artificial? Artificial.
Lights? Clear.
How do you decorate your tree? I like it very traditional. Ornaments and an angel on top--all the family heirlooms.  We've never done it trendy or all in silver balls or anything like that...
Stockings? Oh, yes!  Family stockings in the living room, and one for each dog in the family room.
Best childhood present? The Betsy-Wetsy doll.  Loved it! She arrived on Christmas morning from Santa, and was presented in what had been my own childhood bassinet. Santa was pretty clever...
Best Christmas Movie?  For a classic, Christmas in Connecticut.  My more modern favorite is Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
Favorite Christmas song?  O, Holy Night.  My Mother sang it in Church every Christmas.
Do you send Christmas Cards? Yes, to those far away that we don't see often.  But no "Holiday Newsletter".
Best family tradition? Following Mass on Christmas Eve, we have a scavenger hunt.  A new pair of PJ's for each family member are hidden somewhere in the house, yard or neighborhood.  We get 4 to 5 "clues" (that must  rhyme) and have to find them and put them on--only then can the evening proceed!  Homemade lasagna and crab legs are served.  (I get together with the same group of friends every year to make the lasagna.) We have lots of Champagne, and go to bed so Santa can come.
Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?  Hot Chocolate with Kahlua and Whipped Cream.  Yum!
Clever Girl favorite this year?  I love the Go Dotty Go scarves.  They're all hand made, colorful, and one-of-a-kind.
Treats for Santa? Milk, cookies and always carrots for the Reindeer--you can't ever forget them!

Michelle's children in the "Early PJ Years"
Meredith, Dan and John

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