September 6, 2019

W is for Water

Freshly delivered to the kitchen department at Clever Girl....a new book that will inspire you to infuse your water and put a little magic in your glass. Infused Water: 50 Simple, Gorgeous Drinks for Ultimate Hydration and Health, will give you some delicious direction.

Everyone knows we should drink more water – sales of reusable water bottles have soared as we seek to cut down on our plastic and maintain maximum hydration. But it hasn't been the most inspiring of drinks – until now.
Infused Waters offers 50 beautiful, healthy drinks that will help you get through the day's challenges. With chapters on fruit infusions, herbal waters, and spicier blends, you'll find ways of adding a little vitamin C to your office bottle, and floral fragrance to the dullest of drinks.

As summer fades into fall, the dryer indoor air becomes the enemy of hydration.  Forced air and winter winds can make our skin dry and parched.  This new book is filled with lovely recipes for hot and cold water infusions - simple ways to jazz up your normal glass of water and help keep you hydrated.

There are some lovely ideas that also look (and taste) amazing in big jugs - perfect for entertaining. And some soothing, hot recipes too.

Defiantly an excellent book to keep on hand for inspiration and filled with great information!

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